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      Rachael WingateRachael Wingate

      In this blog post by Sangha Live teacher James Baraz, he says,

      “I mention in my book Awakening Joy about having a college existential crisis where everything in life seemed pointless. After some time I finally came to the realization that the one thing that could give life meaning was to bring happiness to others. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was my own version of the classic Bodhisattva Vow, where you make the commitment to yourself to relieve the suffering of others around you. It is a very powerful promise that leads one in the direction of a meaningful and joyful life. At this time we more than ever need mindfulness practitioners to see their practice in this light. I invite you to create your own Bodhisattva Vow by following this exercise from the book:

      1. You can make up your own version of a vow to relieve suffering in the world. The basic principle is seeing your own happiness in the context of how it can benefit others and the world.
      2. Take a few moments to ask yourself what words would sincerely convey that wish in a way that uplifts your heart. For instance, you might say something along the lines of May my happiness lead to the happiness of others or the healing of the planet.
      3. When you’ve found the phrase that resonates with you, silently state those words as a promise to yourself, connecting with the sincerity of intention they express.
      4. Notice how your body and mind feel as you do this.”

      My Bodhisattva Vow:
      May my healing allow me to help heal the world.

      What is yours?

      P.S. Looking forward to a Sunday Sangha with James in January 2021 🙂

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      May I never knowingly cause suffering to another being

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      Standing on the threshold with eyes on the horizon, may my step never falter.
      This came out of Martin’s talk last week when he asked the question ‘What are you devoted to?’ I found that to be a very moving and profound question.

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      AvatarSue Hughes

      May my happiness lead to the happiness of others and the healing of the planet

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