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      Amy JacobAmy Jacob

      We’d love to welcome you to our new forum page. Please take a moment to introduce yourself and let us know where you are in the world.

      Warm greetings from Amsterdam. And wishing our sangha a wonderful holiday break! 🌲

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      Rachael WingateRachael Wingate

      Hello from New Orleans, LA where it is chilly but much warmer than most of the U.S.! I hope that you all are safe, happy, and healthy. I’m part of the Sangha Live team and will be helping to moderate these forums.

      I’m a bit sad to not be able to visit my family near NYC for the holidays due to the virus, so I’m really looking forward to watching some Sangha Live session recordings in the Dharma Library over the next two weeks. These teachings will provide some comfort and will inspire me to maintain my daily meditation practice. I hope you will enjoy them as well!

      Cheers, everyone 🙂

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      AvatarAbbie Mead

      Hi all, great to be part of this new forum.
      I live in Brighton UK.
      Now that the daily morning sits have finished I’m hoping to keep connected with sangha and practice to support daily life. Love to everyone xx

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      Hi everyone, looking forward to being part of the forum. I live in West Sussex in the UK, very near to Abbie, hi Abbie. I will miss the morning sits too but hopefully can stay connected via the forum. Ali x

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      AvatarJorge Nunes

      Hello from Portugal!
      Nice to connect through this sangha as group morning meditations pause for a while. Hope to see some of you at Martin’s New Year Retreat as it feels a good way to finish this intense year and greet the new one in a more connected and fluid way. If not, wishing you all a peaceful transition.

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      AvatarCatherine Norris

      Hello Abbie, Ali and Jorge – nice to be here and have this space for the winter break 🙂

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      Hi everyone, looking forward to staying connected through the forums during the break. I live in Newcastle, UK. I didn’t manage to continue sitting daily through the summer break, but my intention is to continue through these two weeks – although I’ll miss having the daily live sessions! Audrey

      (Not sure why my username is showing up like this – I have attempted to change it previously as well to just show my first name, very strange!)

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      Hi everyone. Thank you, Sangha Live for creating this forum and thank you Amy and Rachael. I love the morning meditations and this is a lovely way of keeping connected during the winter holidays. I recognise many of your names already. Hello Abbie, Audrey,Catherine,Ali and Jorge. I’m in Devon near Torrington although not a Devonian being originally from Gateshead.

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      Hello to all from Exeter in Devon. The daily sits have been a huge support for me, softening a time of isolation to bring reflection, connection and sangha. Gratitude 😊🙏

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        Rachael WingateRachael Wingate

        So glad to hear they have been supportive, David. Blessings.

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      Hello everyone, blessed to have this forum. I’m now living in Miami, FL, but originally from New Orleans, LA. So, Rachel I know your neck of the woods well. I’ve been doing the daily meditation sessions for months and they’ve been most helpful in this strange matrix of angst/love/depression/joy/loneliness/etc… that we now live in. I hope that I can stay connected with the people that I’ve gotten to know online, and keep my sanity in tact. Or so that would be my hope!! Anyway, I’m grateful for Sangha Live!! Maria

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        Rachael WingateRachael Wingate

        Wow, very cool to meet another New Orleans practitioner, Maria! We are grateful to have you in our community 🙂

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      Good morning to all on this shortest day of the year.
      Hazel here in East Sussex (not too far from Abbie and Ali).
      I will be making good use of the Dharma library to continue my early morning, candle-lit sit that always begins in darkness and ends in the light.
      Now in Tier 4, my Christmas plans with family have been cancelled, so am seeing this as a good opportunity to retreat into simplicity and solitude.

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      AvatarKaren Ferguson

      Good morning to all you lovely familiar names (from Karen in Ashford, Kent). I woke up thinking how much I am going to miss the live 7am daily sits and then remembered we’d been offered this forum to keep in touch – Woohoo! – Thank you to all those at SL who have made this possible :heart: (can’t find the emojis??) … Wondering if Hugh and Dana might appear here at some point too?

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      Hello, I feel deeply gratefull at Shanga live to offer this opportunity to stay connected whe the morning meditation session is over for 2 weeks. I am Françoise, leaving in Paris and I have participated quite regularly from the beginning ; It has been such a wonderful support to dig , explore deeply and find unexpected ressources inside one’self ; Vivid and fruitful teachings gave an orientation to the practice during the day, a quieter pace and reset new energy ! Nice to keep connected with all Shanga community still !

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      AvatarCarolyn Waterstone

      I’m Carolyn from Bridport in Dorset. It’s great to start each day with the Sangha and I find Martin’s Dharma teaching and meditation guidance really helpful. I’m glad it’s starting again In January.

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      Nowadays, as the morning session is off, I go through previous recording sessions ; I found very interesting Martin’s teaching called Methodology, Ideology and Cosmology on October 11th. If you could not attend it, I recommend it to your attention .
      And I wonder if some of you remember on which date, I think quite recently Martin spoke about his training in Asia with his master ? I would like to listen to it. Have a good day,
      Françoise from Paris

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      Gook morning friends ! Thank you Rachel for your answer and for the research ! I wish you a nice day.

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      Gook morning friends ! Thank you Rachel for your answer and for the research ! I wish you a nice day.

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      AvatarKaren Ferguson

      I have just watched the 40 minute edited video of Martin’s story of his life in India.
      Here is the link if you’re still interested … https://martinaylward.com/watch/
      Karen x

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      Karen that’s great ! Thanks a lot for having done the research and for the link ; I will watch it with great interest, probably tomorrow morning at the time of our usual meeting
      so I will have the feeling we are still in touch ! Wish all of you a merry christmas eve.

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      Namaste to each and everyone, dear friends ! I can’t wait to meet you live and feel our community vibrate together.
      Much Love
      Christine from Brest on the very west french coast <3

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