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Daily Meditation 11 – 15 December 2023

Ayala Gill

These sessions are led by Ayala Gill.

Start Time: Monday – Friday, 7am GMT (London) / 8am CET (Paris). 60-minute live session.

Embracing challenging emotions

There are no negative emotions, only ones that we find challenging to embrace, like anxiety, anger, grief and fear. When we relate to them in distorted ways, their expression is indeed negative. Over this week (at a time of year where they may be particularly triggered!) we will explore how to come into a sacred relationship with each of these challenging emotions.

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Ayala Gill

Ayala Gill

Ayala Gill has been committed to a path of insight and awakening since her early twenties. She has been practising Iyengar yoga since 1977, Insight Meditation and dharma since 1995, Insight Yoga (including yin yoga and psychospiritual enquiry) since 2001 and the animistic practices of the Andean-Inkan Holy Mountain tradition since 2017. She is humbled and fascinated by the potential of these practices to inform and enhance our relationship to body, heart, mind and spirit – and passionate in her commitment to translate this potential into everyday life.

Ayala has been teaching for 25 years, guides silent retreats in Europe which include yoga, meditation and ceremony, and is currently writing a book about integrating these practices into daily life. She has received authorisation to teach Insight Meditation from Martin Aylward, with whom she continues to study dharma. Ayala lives with her husband and their 3 children between London and Dorset, where they are using regenerative farming methods to enhance biodiversity. Click here to learn more about Ayala Gill.