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Daily Meditation 22 – 26 July 2024

These sessions are led by Milla Gregor.

Start Time: Monday – Friday, 7am BST (London) / 8am CEST (Paris). 60-minute live session.

Comfort and Discomfort

Comfort and discomfort can show up in practice, as well as in life. In what ways are they interwoven? What assumptions do we make about them that might hold us back from fully engaging? We’ll explore these ideas through meditation and contemplation, to see what can be learned – and liberated – in support of living and practising more freely and fully.

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Milla Gregor

Milla Gregor collaborates with people dedicated to shifting systems towards social and climate justice. She provides facilitation, evaluation and coaching for charities and individuals, using an embodied and relational approach. 

If you’re interested in one to one support with meditation practice, or in exploring the different ways practice, creativity and systemic change overlap, you can contact her here

Milla has practiced Buddhist meditation since 2005 and has been a student of Martin Aylward since 2016. Other important teachers include Thich Nhat Hanh, Martine Batchelor, Leigh Brasington, Yanai Postelnik and Lama Rod Owens.

She lives in East London and enjoys wild swimming, cycling, running, cooking and finding ways to intervene in the capitalist consumer trance and to disrupt harmful systems. She hopes for more justice, liberation, contentment and joy for all beings.