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Daily Meditation 27 – 31 May 2024

Nirmala Werner

These sessions are led by Nirmala Werner.

Start Time: Monday – Friday, 7am BST (London) / 8am CEST (Paris). 60-minute live session.

Bringing Death into Life

During this week we will look into what supports us in living life more fully with integrity and in alignment with our deepest values.

We will explore how the contemplation of our own death supports freedom, and will make space for our protective strategies that prevent us from being close to death. We’ll explore how to live life with care, wisdom and compassion.

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Nirmala Werner

Nirmala Werner

Nirmala has been practicing meditation (Vipassana) since 2002. She finished her degree in social work in the Netherlands, where she worked with homeless and drug addicted people. Her wish to support disadvantaged people and her desire for spiritual practice led her to India and Sri Lanka, where she spent several years working with marginalized women and children as well as getting involved in Theravada teachings and spending a long amount of time in retreats.

Nirmala is trained in transpersonal body-focused psychotherapy and combines embodied mindfulness, meditation and contemplative practices. She is authorised as a Dharma-teacher by Christopher Titmuss, and has been leading a School for Embodied Yoga and Meditation since 2008. Nirmala lives with her partner and three children in an eco-village in the North of Germany. Click here to learn more about Nirmala Werner.