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Day of Practice

Saturday, June 4th

Beyond Anxiety - An Unshakeable Confidence

7-10am PT / 10am-1pm ET / 3-6pm BST / 4-7pm CEST

Learn to loosen your grip on anxiety, and embrace the truths of life.

Do you find yourself caught up in fear and anxiety? Do you sometimes disproportionally focus on sources of concern and difficulty? Can you get overwhelmed by personal, social or global problems?

Anxiety is one of the afflictions of our age. Lost in what could possibly happen, we lose touch with what is right now, and with how to meet situations simply and effectively. In addition to personal matters, the Covid pandemic, political divisiveness, economic strain and our increasing ecological collapse can further add to a state of fearful uncertainty and concern.

This Day of Practice with Sangha Live founding teacher Martin Aylward will explore the nature, phenomenology and understanding of anxiety.

Through this Day of Practice, you will learn to:

  • Discriminate between momentary, habitual and existential anxiety
  • Befriend, regulate and understand different expressions of anxiety
  • Inquire into the sources of anxiety, without further inflaming anxious rumination
  • See beyond anxious storylines and feelings
  • Cultivate an understanding and vision of life arising out of deep, gentle, unshakeable confidence

What is Day of Practice?

Sangha Live’s 3-hour, LIVE Day of Practice allows for you to drop in deeper, develop your meditation skills, and reset your intentions through sustained sitting.

Days of Practice includes longer periods of meditation, interspersed with wise teachings, an interactive Q&A with our teacher, and more.

Replay access will be available to all registrants within 48 hours of the live session.

How is Day of Practice different from Sangha Live’s Daily/Sunday classes?

Our shorter Daily Meditation (60 mins) and Sunday Sangha (90 mins) programs emphasize dharma teachings, while our longer Days of Practice (3 hours) emphasize development of meditation practice.

Daily practice is crucial for watering seeds of mindfulness, but extended periods of deep attention such as these, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, can be uniquely fruitful.

How can I prepare?

We recommend preparing a space to sit comfortably and quietly for this three-hour duration.

Our program will be hosted on Zoom. Please download Zoom in advance/ensure that you have the latest version of Zoom downloaded for optimal experience.

Your Zoom link will be emailed to you upon registration, and we’ll send you a reminder email 1-hour prior to the event.


Day of Practice is offered on a sliding scale basis, with a suggested rate of $35. There will also be an opportunity to provide dana (generosity) during the event. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Your generosity supports the teacher and their transmission of the Dharma, as well as the accessibility of Sangha Live programming.


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