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Sunday Sangha – 10th December 2023

Akincano M. Weber

This session is led by Akincano Weber.

Start Time: 11am PT (L.A.) / 2pm ET (N.Y.) / 7pm GMT (London) / 8pm CET (Paris). 90-minute live session.

On Meeting Conflict and the Incompatible

“When you can’t go forward, when you can’t go back, and when you can’t stand still – where do you go? This is your place of non-abiding. The things you love and the things you hate: these are your teachers.”

– Ajahn Chah

How do we perceive conflict? We often see it as disturbing, but this stems from a lack of understanding of the deeper connections between opposing elements. In this illuminating session, we’ll explore teachings and practices that reveal the underlying coherence in the seeming contradictions within conflict.

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Akincano Weber

Akincano M. Weber

Akincano Weber is a European Buddhist teacher and contemplative psycho­therapist (MA). A former monk, he has lived and practised for 20 years in European and Thai Forest monasteries. Today he is the guiding teacher of Atammaya Cologne, co-founder of Bodhi College and part of several Dharma- and Mindfulness teacher training programmes. He has been teaching meditation and Buddhist Psychology in secular and traditional contexts in Europe and overseas for many years and lives with his partner in Rhineland, Germany. Akincano has a particular interest in contemplative psychology, the practice of stillness and making the wisdom of early Buddhist texts relevant for people of today. Click here to learn more about Akincano Weber.