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Sunday Sangha – 30th June 2024

Lisa Ernst

This session is led by Lisa Ernst.

Start Time: 11 am PDT (LA) / 2 pm EDT (NY) / 7 pm BST (London) / 8 pm CEST (Paris). 90-minute live session.

Exploring Karma, Choice and the Mind

Karma is action in Buddhism, driven by intention. With practice we cultivate the ability to choose our response and our actions, internally and externally. We might think if our intentions are good our actions will follow, but our intentions are often under the influence of strong conditioning that prevents us from living our choices. But with committed practice, we can cultivate greater freedom to live from our truest intentions.

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Lisa Ernst

Lisa Ernst

Lisa Ernst is a meditation teacher, artist and founder of One Dharma Nashville. She has maintained a committed meditation practice for 30 years in the Zen and Vipassana traditions. Lisa received full teaching authorization in the Thai Forest/Spirit Rock lineage of Ajahn Chah, Trudy Goodman and Jack Kornfield.  She offers private meditation training, classes and workshops and leads meditation retreats internationally. She has taught at Spirit Rock, InsightLA, Sangha Live, Southern Dharma and more.

In her teaching, Lisa emphasizes both transformational insight and everyday awakening as an invitation to embrace all of the path’s possibilities. Lisa especially enjoys teaching students how to engage in the unknown, the mystery, and to work with open ended, unanswered life questions that can’t be solved through traditional logic. Lisa focuses on working with questions in meditation practice to support living from our truest intentions. As a practicing visual artist and writer Lisa incorporates Dharma into contemplative photography and writing. Click here to learn more about Lisa Ernst.