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Sunday Sangha – 9th June 2024

Yahel Avigur

This session is led by Yahel Avigur.

Start Time: 11 am PDT (LA) / 2 pm EDT (NY) / 7 pm BST (London) / 8 pm CEST (Paris). 90-minute live session.

Samadhi: The Reliable Path to Wisdom, Joy and Happiness

Samadhi is the art of nourishing, gathering, and collecting the heart. Highly regarded by the Buddha, this practice relies on honesty and wisdom, reliably leading to joy and happiness, and inclines the heart towards the depth of the path. In this session, we will open a door to cultivating this skill.

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Yahel Avigur

Yahel Avigur

Yahel Avigur is a devoted meditator and Dharma teacher. In the first decade of his practice, Yahel practised in the Mahasi Sayadaw traditions and in the Israeli Insight meditation society while devoting his days to activism and educational work. In 2013, Yahel met the Dharma teacher Rob Burbea, who became his teacher and trained him to teach. Yahel is fascinated by the subtleties of Samadhi and Emptiness practices and, equally, by the richness and creativity of emotional and imaginal realms. He is trained in the refined Hakomi method. Yahel teaches retreats and courses in Toavana and Gaia House, as well as serving as a teacher-in-residence there for parts of the year. Click here to learn more about Yahel Avigur.