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Mindful Inquiry: A Path of Freedom and Joyful Responsibility

A good teacher can point to the teachings and ignite our wakefulness, but it is up to each one of us to find the willingness to embody our practice in daily life. We are responsible for our own karma and our own freedom, and this can be a joyful and motivating realization.

Mindful Inquiry is the path of learning to ask the question that points to liberation. Rather than trying to fix, solve, or change ourselves or our experience, we learn to get out of the way of that which is already whole. Awareness is already awake. True nature is Complete, Empowered. Compassionate. Connected.

Practice invites us to learn how to see clearly, rather than through the lens of ego, and remember, again and again… who we really are.

So… How do we take a step backwards and avail ourselves of clear seeing?

How do we take joyful responsibility – for our practice and our shadows – in everyday life?

What is the motion that shifts us from victimization by our thoughts and emotions, to empowerment?

What is the mechanism by which we get ego out of the way and unlock the gate to our own self-healing?

What does it mean to embody genuine compassion – for ourselves and others – when we get stuck?

How do the qualities of patience, curiosity, willingness, courage, and fierce compassion, light the way in mindful inquiry?

In my session with Worldwide Insight, we explore the essence and practicalities of inquiry practice. We will rewire our understanding of practice as simply uncovering the true nature that is there beyond our conditioning. We will learn to access the deep listening and discernment required to ask wise and skilful questions… and the patience required to allow insight to unfold.