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The First Duty of Love is to Listen

What is meditation and everyday life mindfulness practice but listening?

Listening to our bodies, feelings, emotions, thoughts and different voices in us.

Listening to the music of life around us: melodies and sounds, images, voices, smells, moods.

Listening to people, feeling what they feel, entering their world and sharing a true relationship.

True listening is neutral, non-judgemental, welcoming and silent.

It invites and comes from presence, spacious consciousness.

It creates space, availability and receptivity.

It develops connection, curiosity and care.

It’s a window to a larger vision and freedom, which gets us out of the narrow jail of self and creates an intimacy with life in which we feel more alive and loving.

“The first duty of love is to listen.”

In the following days, would you sit, stand or lie for few minutes, anywhere, anytime, and listen silently? To yourself, to the world around…

What if you did this several times a days every day for 30 seconds each time?

How does it feel?

Would you listen deeply and silently to somebody, behind the words, just feeling without trying to answer?

How does it feel?

Let’s share your experiences in today’s session if you wish to…

May your listening be a pleasure.