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Inner Peace – Even in a Chaotic World

I recently led a meditation retreat with the theme of finding “inner peace” even in a chaotic world. The attendees were thirsty for the teachings and space to allow inner peace to settle into their lives.  Each person had their own unique struggle with chaos. In their own way, they were each looking for relief, respite, and meaning.

Day after day, I meet people who come to me to teach them practices to help them relax and feel equanimous with the ever-changing landscape of their lives and humanity. It never ceases to amaze me how our human culture seems to be moving at warp speed towards busyness, disconnection, and overwhelm. The human mind and heart is not meant to move so fast. As travel writer Pico Iyer said: “People are increasingly moving at the speed of light, instead of the speed of life”.

Without continued daily moment-to-moment mindfulness practice, I too can find myself swept away by the current of this frenetic and disconnected busyness, all of which breeds stress, discontentment, and a constant insecure state screaming “I am not enough”.  

The choice is yours – give into the chaos in the world, or bring equanimity to each moment.  


Riding the waves of equanimity starts with setting your intention to clearly see when you are caught in the painful loop of striving.  Can you bring compassionate awareness to the moments you find yourself striving for sense pleasures, or the desires to acquire or achieve?

Seeing the Despair

After seeing yourself caught in society’s positively reinforced chaotic loops, bring your mindful and compassionate awareness to explore the natural stress and despair this movement towards sense pleasures, acquiring, and achieving is causing.  Also look to see how this imbalance may manifest in future bouts of resentment, avoidance, and maybe even exhaustion, only to be replaced with another round of over-busyiness?

Jumping off of the Productivity Train

Ironically, we can become more productive, while also expending less effort and time when we jump off of this frenetic “got to get things done” train, and start living from this still point of presence and equanimity.  From this place we can bring balanced effort to live an intentionally purposeful and fulfilling life.”

Sit in the stillness of your awareness 

Give the radiant heart and mind

The space it needs to open

Allow life to unfold its wings

And fly with majesty and grace

Towards its fullness and emptiness

Infinite, unbound, and peaceful

-Ronya Banks