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Depth of Spiritual Practice – Even in a Chaotic World

Many people come to me with hopes that I can teach them practices that will immediately alleviate their stress and anxiety.  Then, when I ask them to describe their daily lives, I am shocked by how much “doing” and “going” they are packing into each day!  No wonder so many people are stressed!  

Buddhism provides us with mindfulness practices we can use to de-stress and experience more peace and ease.  Done consistently, these systematic practices can direct us into such inner depths, that they can also transform us from the inside out.  In essence, they serve to re-awaken our true interconnected, compassionate natures. 

Becoming Who You are Meant To Be

Your true essence is already here, buried under a lifetime of both genetic and life’s conditioning.  Every so often, you catch a glimpse of your Buddha nature before it gets lost back under the care of daily living.  Deep mindfulness practice helps you uncover and live from this true nature.

Plumbing the Depths

Flitting about from one responsibility to another

From one desire to the next

One never lounges long enough on any one flower

To feel the soft and nurturing comfort of its petals

Or to take in its sweet and unique fragrance 

That leaves you feeling touched 

By creative essence itself.

Stop.  Sit. Watch.  Listen.

Allow your awareness to seep deeply into this moment

Bowing deeply to each layer

As it steps forward to be seen, heard, and felt

Only to be replaced by the next 

Miraculous and enlightening display.

The ever-changing landscape

Will continue to rise and set

Without resistance

Nor conclusion

As the seer and the seen 

Become one.

-Ronya Banks