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Practice as Preparation for Times Ahead

This has been a really challenging year, a year when the full weight of our climate and eco catastrophe finally landed within us and within the collective. 

Even so, let us take heart that we found each other, not only locally, but also across the globe. We humans, as the immune system of the planet, are rising everywhere. It’s not enough yet, but it is enough for us to now be very clear what we are up against, what the stakes are, and what we must do, even if we’re not sure how. 

As we end the year, take a breather, and resource ourselves we have the opportunity to recalibrate for the year ahead. Collectively, 2020 will be a critical, decider year. Will we truly, deeply, commit to reversing our alarming trajectory, or will we slide further into a warming and increasingly unlivable planet?

All things are preceded by mind, as the Buddha stated, so it is with mind we begin. Dharma practice offers insightful and practical support, grounded in clarity, wisdom and compassion, for just the recalibration we need as we teeter on the cusp. 

Ajahn Chah, the Thai meditation master, talked of practice as preparation for when the big things threaten to overwhelm. As we prepare for very uncertain times ahead, it’s good to take stock and consider how we can be best prepared. During this session we’ll look at some essential ways to prioritize and align with optimum strategies and skills for navigating our fast changing world.