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The Power of a New Year’s Resolution

We start a new year. It is 2020.

Perhaps the intensity of  environmental dramas in 2019 finally made clear to many people the vulnerabilities to life on Earth.

It might be useful to make a New Year’s resolution that lasts longer than a week.

 Here are four considerations.

  1. Dedicate an hour a day or seven hours a week expressing concerns about the eco-crisis.
  2. Practice to be free from living in hope and fear
  3. Attend a retreat or two for renewal, confidence and the capacity to act.
  4. Meditate and reflect on the Timeless to free up the whole being.

1. Make a New Year’s resolution to dedicate an hour a day to express your global concerns in the real world to anybody at any time. Use your voice. Write, speak up at work or school and in your social life. Do not count the abstract of social media in the house as a dedication, except to organise public meetings and protests etc.

2. Practice to be free from living in fear and hope. Worries and anxieties about the Earth and its inhabitants have nothing to do with love of the Earth but only with our reactions. Fears about the future for ourselves and future generations obstruct action. Hope often serves as a form of avoidance and leads to disappointment. It is action that counts. Hope and fear consumes energy needed for immediate action.

3. Attend a retreat or two in 2020 for renewal, confidence and capacity to act.

4. We get preoccupied with past, present and future. When the grip of issues of time fade from consciousness, it provides the opportunity for realisation of the unconstructed, unconditioned timeless.