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Body In Water Willa Miller

The Body’s Honesty

Have you ever experienced an emotion—fear or anger for example– but did not realize it until much later? It is not uncommon to live for periods of our lives unable or unwilling to acknowledge the truth of what we are feeling.

There are reasons we suppress, social, personal or even religious reasons. Maybe we’ve been taught that certain feelings are not acceptable. Maybe we don’t want to know how we really feel because if we did, it would radically upend our life.

The mind is not always honest with us about how we feel. But the body always tells the truth. The body registers an emotion before our logical mind has time to catch up. It doesn’t think; it responds. The body has situational awareness and insight. 

In Buddhism, there are five lay precepts. The third of these is to refrain from lying. Our body is always communicating this precept to us. 

If you learn to listen to the body, you will discover a deep teacher, one that is capable of steering you towards deeper awareness and freedom.

Some questions for reflection:

  • What is your body communicating to you right now?
  • How does your body feel about your meditation practice?
  • Think of a simple story that your mind repeatedly tells you, an inner monologue. Now ask your body what it “thinks” of that story.