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Cultivating Joy and Responsibility in Extraordinary Times

Your welfare and my welfare are undeniably interlinked.How we treat ourselves and how we treat our world are one and the same.

Despite a cognitive understanding of interconnection, the mind of separation can draw us into the limiting trance of separation. We forget that there is a field of all possibility and harmony beyond the tenacious habit of “I versus you.”

We get caught in judgment and conflict, pitting “my needs” against yours, defending “my  opinion” over “yours.” Through psychic numbing, we forget that we are in this together. We are each a vital part of the natural feedback system of human consciousness and planet earth.  Our every thought and action impacts the whole. When we remember this, the shared field of nature’s intelligence can illuminate our way, brilliantly, in both times easy and difficult.

The Coronavirus has given us the most explicit indication of interconnection in recent history. There is a quickening to the inquiry: What distortions is it time to let go of on behalf of the greater good? What becomes possible, through the remembrance of “We consciousness?” How can non-separation inform our way of life and, as a result, create a more regenerative future? What is possible together, through collaboration, that we cannot access alone?

When we rest our attention in the present moment, being with life as it is, we can remember with certainty the spacious awareness and deeper belonging that is our birthright. We can access information and insight from the field of shared consciousness. This field is infused with the qualities of care, kind neutrality, joy, and responsibility. Responsibility having nothing to do with obligation. Joy having nothing to do with getting our way.

How do we practice this remembrance in everyday life? In intimate relationships, family dynamics, and work meetings? How do we rest in the embrace of We Consciousness when we are struggling the most? What practices are essential for the art of collaboration?

When we drop the lens of “self versus other,” what remains is love. This love is available to us in every moment and can inform our every choice.

While people are often in either reactivity or denial about the state of the world, holding tightly to the blanket of unconsciousness that doesn’t actually keep us safe, the dharma helps us to find a place of active peace about that which is unfolding. It helps people to engage through joyful responsibility in personal awakening and in collective transformation.