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Christopher Titmuss

A Global Crisis. The Wisdom of Action while Living with Uncertainty

Dharma means Duty. Karma is volitional activity with its conditions in the past. Karma is dependent on getting what one wants.

Duty emerges out of clarity in the present with the willingness to follow through in the form of noble action.

A first duty of the Sangha means the capacity to distinguish duty from karma.

A second duty of the Sangha includes wise action, free and offering empowerment to end suffering.

There is much reflection to engage in during these critical times.

The old norm before 31 December 2019 led to this plague of a savagely contagious virus.

There is no going back to the old norm.

The ending of karma is a break with the old and insightful application of wise action.

What steps have we taken so far?

The Sangha engages in the practice of waking up. The Sangha engages in a radical non-acceptance of the status quo.

We benefit from a deep training in the exploration of the human experience –  ethics, mindfulness, action, wisdom and a liberated life. Authentic Dharma has never offered spiritual narcissism but the opportunity to challenge and transform the forces of suffering and the conditions for it.

Contact others. Start an initiative. Be a Caregiver. Be an Agent of Change.

Join Sangha Live. Share your concerns. Ask what is on your mind.

Three Tips for Reflection

1. Does your life include supporting others in this global epidemic?
2. What changes are you willing to make within days?
3. What steps have you taken since the outbreak of Covid-19?

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