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Meeting Each Moment

How do you go straight ahead
On a narrow mountain path which
Has ninety- three curves?

– Anonymous Zen Koan

Developing the ability to pause and sense is a practice in and of itself. Acknowledging that in each moment we may have to change direction, approach or attitude develops wisdom and resiliency over time. The curvy path of being alive needs flexibility, kindness, humor and a willingness not to know what lies ahead.

Meeting each moment, especially with our current global causes and conditions might include a widening of approach and some different skillful means so that we might self -prescribe as needed. Cultivating inner awareness can aid in our continual discovery of response and navigation.

If we think that practice and life have to be a certain way – as we’ve been taught or as we’ve always done in the past, we are almost certainly bound to dampen our inner voice and the ability to listen for and respond to our deep needs and what is needed.

Widening our arms of practice can mean balancing the nervous system with breathing, lying down to practice when stress has burdened our bodies, eating more slowly or just listening to ourselves and each other more fully.

Ancient yogi’s and yogini’s sometimes shared practices by whispering into one another’s ears – they learned through each other’s warm breath. This was partially to avoid ruffling the feathers of the more formal monastic Dharma practitioners. No matter the reasons, these fellow brothers and sisters of the wilder leaning types, utilized nature and energy to develop themselves and their heartminds.

The whispers of kind guidance ride on the collective winds that blow sweetly everywhere at all times; we listen more amply by not knowing what is about to be said, seen or felt. May we hear the collective whispering of what has been learned and shared throughout lifetimes from one human heart to another as we navigate the paths ahead, better together.

I look forward to practicing with you soon.