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Wise Relationship To Our Experience

You Have a Choice: Wise Relationship to Our Experience

This is an extraordinary moment of time. The pandemic has affected our lives throughout throughout the world, but especially in the United States, where because of incompetent and inadequate response the virus is out of control causing enormous suffering and death. Even more, the U.S. has an out of control leader who incited insurrection encouraging domestic terrorists to attack the government and its lawmakers in an attempt to overturn an election. It’s a humbling moment of chaos in the States that has shaken the country and it’s reputation around the world.
Wherever you live these pandemic times are filled with tremendous challenges that test our capacity to respond with balance and an open heart. When faced with such situations the mind easily contracts with fear, worry or other kinds of stress. Our practice shows us we can choose to wisely relate to our experience. This becomes a gift not only to ourselves but to everyone around us.

Guided Meditation
Perhaps you’re dealing with your own version of the 10,000 joys and the 10,000 sorrows. Close your eyes gently. Whatever you’re going through, for a few moments let go of the stories and come right into this moment. Feel yourself sitting here. Feel your connection to the Earth and become grounded. Simply know that you are sitting right now. Come into the present and connect with this moment of your life.
Incline the mind to open to a sense of spaciousness. Take a few deep breaths and imagine expanding your field beyond your skin, whether it’s a few feet out, filling up the whole room or filling up the whole universe…Now tune in to the awareness that is knowing this moment…awareness filling that vast space which contains all the sorrows and joys, all the bodily sensations as life moves through this form called you. With all the thoughts and emotions coming and going notice an awareness that is not touched or tainted or swept away by any of it…No reaching towards or pushing away from anything…just a spacious awareness that can open to whatever is here, the symphony of life as it moves through you. Simply allow. Allow for it all.
You can choose to appreciate this moment just as it is. You can choose. This is this moment of your life. Whatever is here, it’s going to change. No matter how challenging it is it will change. No matter how wonderful it is, it will change. Just allow yourself to be here for the ride and know that awareness can hold it all. This moment can be held in awareness that knows that everything changes…A spaciousness that can meet the moment and respond with wisdom and love. Simply be here now for this moment of your life.