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The Elephant's Footprint. The Four Nobel Truths

The Elephant’s Footprint: The Four Noble Truths

Pali: Yadidam cattàri purisayugàni attha purisapuggalà
Esa bhagavato sàvakasängho

English: That is the four pairs, the eight kinds of noble beings
These are the Blessed One’s disciples.

These phrases are in daily chants in the Theravada lineage, the way of the Elders, of the Monastic Forest Tradition which goes back to the Buddha’s time.

The primary emphasis is to practice with insight and integrity. The Buddha gave the container, the Elephant Foot Print, that holds a handful of leaves of teachings. Without the container, it’s easy to get lost in today’s world of so much grief, misrepresentation, and practice.

The Buddha taught us to “walk our talk” so that we can live in the Dharma.

I am stepping up to my suffering, researching the cause of my illness, learning how to treat it, and cultivating a healthier path. For example, for today, this week, month, or year I will work on Right Resolve. Checking in to evaluate how my thinking was; where should I make adjustments. The word Right in the Eightfold Path is connected to a situation that’s always changing. (Right = Samma in Pali.)

Have fun practicing with your Eight Elders.