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Ask For Help

Asking For Help

I used to find asking for help incredibly difficult, especially when I languished in the hell realm and / or the hungry ghost realm of the traditional wheel of life. In fact, I am certain that because I was so ashamed of reaching out for help that it just multiplied my suffering.

So many of us think we have to do it on our own. However, it was asking for help that made Prince Siddartha Woke, and a Buddha. It’s important to remember that the Prince, while dissatisfied with his life in the heavenly realm of his Palace and the hungry ghost realm of self-mortification, did not spiritually bypass and vow to find enlightenment. The Prince vowed to find an end of suffering, and in doing so had to face his suffering of past lives, of every mental state you can imagine, and when doubt arose in his mind it almost distracted him from his purpose.

The Prince found his voice and courageously asked for help, he reached down and touched the earth, calling upon the earth goddess to be his witness. Even if we are unable to ask a person for help, the earth is always there to support us. Just touch the earth, stand on the earth and allow yourself to be held. If you are able to, go and lie belly down on your navel and ask the earth for nourishment. The Prince touching the earth is a reminder that we are interconnected with all the elements and we are not separate. When we think we are separate that’s when we stop asking for help.


  • Ask for help
  • We are all interconnected – thinking we are separate keeps us isolated and in the tortured realms of the Buddhist wheel of life
  • Remember the Earth is always there to support us