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Process Of Transformation

The Process of Transformation

Mindfulness can be a bridge – one that offers kind awareness long enough to know things as they are, and not just what we might think.

Within this deeper knowing we unveil the insidious patterns in our mental/mind and material/physical form, and it doesn’t need to end there.

With kind discernment we choose what to expand on or shed and how that might look now and in the future. These skilful choices need imagination to lead the way – which directions do we wish to incline the heart/mind when the heart/mind is free enough to makes these skillful choices?

What we practice we become:

Whatever a person frequently thinks and reflects on, that will become the inclination of their mind.


Using the skilful means of mindfulness and mindful breathing, we can guide our mind towards organic spacious awareness. Within this relaxed spaciousness we can imagine the ways in which we wish to incline, head towards, and become one with. This begins the process of transformation.