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Code Red Climate

Climate Code Red: The Call of This Moment

Pause. Take some deep, slow breaths. Feel your body touching Earth. Soften your jaw, shoulders, belly. Release what you’re holding. Allow space to feel what you feel. All things, self and other, are resident in awareness. Connect with being-presence-heart as loving-essence suffusing all, inwardly and outwardly. Repeat. More than ever, our practice is crucial for wellbeing, resilience, and refuge.     

However challenging, we are in these times because we need to be here. Even as the intensity builds, climate disasters, biodiversity collapse, the sharp rise of authoritarianism, a Covid world with its tangled knot of discord. All hollowing out our lives. Even so, each of our offerings is vital.  

A recent UN climate poll revealed two-thirds of people worldwide think climate change is a global emergency and want action. This represents a significant awakening, which, if mobilized, can potentially dismantle the status quo that is destroying our living systems. However, civil society is still frozen, as if in a trance. With COP26 looming, we will be confronted further with the reality that the radical shifts we know are needed will be blocked and diluted. 

We are coming to terms with the fact that the systems we live within, including old psychological and emotional constructs, are ill-equipped to manage this onslaught as the old Global order moves into free-fall. To meet and transform the impact, the exhaustion, anxiety and disorientation, is our practice.  

We are here to release from what no longer serves and to undertake the inner quantum shifts needed to infuse a new story with clear, wise, conscious intention. A story about building our collective resilience as we rise, with compassion, to save what we can.

These days, being together, with the support of Dharma, is precisely the medicine needed.