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Day of Practice

Saturday, September 23rd

Release Into The River:
Finding Ease With
the Flow of Life

7-10am PT / 10am-1pm ET / 3-6pm BST / 4-7pm CEST

Life’s ups and downs can sometimes feel like a white water rapids.

Rather than white-knuckling it, how can we loosen our grip and learn to simply enjoy the flow?

Often the tighter we grip, the less we can hold, and it can sometimes feel like we spend our entire life waiting to exhale:

“I’ll just get through this next project and then I can relax…”

“If I can just get to the other side of that mountain, then I’ll find peace…”

“Once I figure out this relationship, then I’ll finally be able to love…”

We delay, try to control, and hold on tight in a misplaced effort to feel safe and secure.

What would happen if instead, we could ease into the flow of life, to flow as rivers to the sea and find ease and wonder in every moment and all circumstances?

This is the invitation from mindfulness and movement teacher James Rafael in this Day of Practice. James will lead the 3-hour live session, where you will learn meditation practices to sense the flowing nature of all experience, breathing techniques from the ancient Chinese practice of qigong, and journaling exercises to identify practical steps to flow smoothly in your life.

Join this session to learn ways to:

  • Sense experientially that every moment is already vanishing and being reborn
  • Learn meditation techniques to solidify the wisdom of letting go into flow
  • Determine when to take skilful action, and when to let things be in life

What is Day of Practice?

Sangha Live’s 3-hour, LIVE Day of Practice allows for you to drop in deeper, develop your meditation skills, and reset your intentions through sustained sitting.

Days of Practice includes longer periods of meditation, interspersed with wise teachings, an interactive Q&A with our teacher, and more.

Replay access will be available to all registrants within 48 hours of the live session.

How is Day of Practice different from Sangha Live’s Daily/Sunday classes?

Our shorter Daily Meditation (60 mins) and Sunday Sangha (90 mins) programs emphasize dharma teachings, while our longer Days of Practice (3 hours) emphasize development of meditation practice.

Daily practice is crucial for watering seeds of mindfulness, but extended periods of deep attention such as these, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, can be uniquely fruitful.


Day of Practice is offered on a sliding scale basis, with a suggested rate of $35. We wholeheartedly welcome all to practice with us; no one turned away for lack of funds.


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