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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
from Course Participants

Click on the question you’re interested in below to reveal the information on that topic.

If you can’t find the answer to your question or you still need support, please contact the course guide directly via the Sangha Live Connect platform, or email us at

Please email us at where one of our team will be able to provide you with technical support. (Your course guide may not be able to help you with this.)

If your course offers the opportunity for groups / buddies, we would encourage you to take advantage of this; many people enjoy this option to deepen their practice.

However, we appreciate that this is not for everyone and there is no requirement to to participate. You are invited to explore any group inquiries and exercises on your own instead if that is your preference. (These will be outlined as part of the course video material.)

📌 Please note that there is no need to let us know if you don’t wish to join a group / buddy pairing.

You’ll find these in the pinned post in the ‘Start Here / Announcements’ space inside your course, along with other useful information.

That’s no problem; recordings of the interactive sessions will be made available on the course platform on the Monday following the livestream.

📌 There is no need to let us know if you can’t attend the live session.

You are welcome to submit any questions for the teacher to the course guide in advance of the session, for answering during the session.

Course video recordings are not downloadable; however, you are welcome to download any audio files that come with the course.

You’ll find instructions for this in the ‘Group / Buddy assignments’ post inside the Groups / Buddies space in your course.

The course material will be available to you indefinitely via the course platform.

Once your course ends, we have lots of spaces for you to join within our community platform, Sangha Live Connect ( You will have access to Sangha Live Connect as soon as you sign up for your course. We warmly invite you to join them and participate 🙏.

These spaces are for ongoing Dharma sharing and support. They are FREE to join – and open to anyone interested in the Buddha’s teachings, from all around the globe.

In Sangha Live Connect you can:

  • Reflect on your daily meditation experiences
  • Connect with fellow meditators in your region/country/city
  • Share Dharma teachings and keep each other’s practice inspired
  • Join our Dharma Book Club, including livestreamed author Q&As
  • …and lots more

We will also send you an email at the end of the course which will contain information about how to stay updated with your teacher’s future events and activities, if you’d like to do that.