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Sangha Live Teacher Testimonials

Thinking of teaching the Dharma with Sangha Live? Check out some of the glowing feedback we’ve received from teachers who’ve taught with us before:

As a teacher it is important to feel supported through the whole process of course creation. Sangha Live excelled in this, offering guidance from working up the title of the course right through to course delivery. They have an excellent team who are courteous, competent and professional. This made my job easy and I didn’t need to get involved in any of the ‘behind the scenes’ processes and could focus solely on the teaching aspect of the course – allowing my energy to flow freely to support the course participants. This was deeply rewarding and satisfying. I would highly recommend developing and running an online course with Sangha Live.

– Vidyamala Burch Blythe Baker, “Freedom from Struggle: Practices for Living Peacefully with Pain or Illness” course teacher

Willa Blythe Baker

As a Dharma teacher, my experience running courses with Sangha Live has been top notch! From production to distribution, I felt respected and supported by their team. They provide high quality dharma materials for intimate and easy access to the teachings. Highly recommended!

– Willa Blythe Baker, “Loving Awareness: Opening the Heart through Practice” course teacher

I so enjoyed working with Sangha Live on this series as they felt like a very professional and caring group to work with. I highly recommend them.

– Sarah Powers, “Honoring Every Part: Buddhist Meditation Coupled with Self-Therapy Through Yin Yoga & IFS” series teacher

It was an honour to run my first course through Sangha Live. The preparation was handled professionally, communication very clear throughout and technical/marketing support superb. Most importantly, I appreciated the community of practitioners, all of whom showed up each week with enthusiasm and respect for the space, practice and time. It made sharing teachings an honour, privilege and gift.

– Mimi Kuo-Deemer, “Qigong: Nourishing Practices for Spring” course teacher

Leslie Booker

It has been joyful and enjoyable to work with Sangha Live during this course process. My assistant and I also love the marketing packs and social media awareness around promotion.  We are impressed with Sangha Live’s marketing skills from past experience and what we see online.

– Leslie Booker, “Liberation in a Wounded World” course teacher

This was my first course with Sangha Live and I would just like to appreciate the clarity and openness of communciation with the team and their responsive and thoughtful input, work and sensitivity. The holding that was offered to the teacher was wonderful and it felt as if the experience itself was one of Sangha.

– Jonny White, “Understand Yourself to Free Yourself” course teacher