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Sati and the Relational Practice of Mindfulness

While it is clear that all of the path factors can be cultivated at all times, alone and with others, the relational practice of mindfulness merits special attention.

When two or more are gathered with the intention to cultivate sati, a powerful synergy takes place. Simply put, each person becomes a mindfulness mirror.

Their awareness in the present moment reflects back to the other that mindfulness is operating, that it is important, and this strengthens their awareness.

This then reflects that spark of presence back to them, which reminds and strengthens their mindfulness, and so on. In such a container, the qualities associated with sati, such as continuity, non-identification, and intimacy, swell and begin to saturate our lived experience.

Human social sensitivity amplifies this, serving to increase the energy and naturalness of the mindfulness. The receptivity to other people fosters receptivity to the totality of experience.

Sati grows in this wholesome cycle. This is intrinsic relationality in service of awakening.