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A Relational Dhamma

Humans are as intrinsically relational as they are individual. Every moment of life tells us this.  What does this mean? Insight Dialogue, a relational meditation practice, puts this powerful truth to work.

In relational meditation, Buddhist wisdom is dropped into this powerful container of shared meditation by way of contemplations. Penetrating, illuminating reflections are explored as present moment experience. We might touch into the truths of human suffering and freedom, the power of generosity and compassion, or the longings for being seen or for escaping from life.

Insight Dialogue practitioners invoke the power of mindfulness and of relationship to see what they have not yet seen, and what they cannot see alone. In compassionate inquiry, meditators let go of what has been held. Meditating together, people often experience exceptional joy and relatedness. Because the meditation is dynamic—enfolding relationship, speaking and listening, and active contemplation—deep insights from practice move easily into our everyday lives.

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