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Pausing to Reflect

Pausing to Reflect

Social media can be triggering for many of us. It can provide fuel for the mind of comparison, heightening our sense of unworthiness. It can stimulate fears. What shifts when our social media feeds serve as cleaner mirrors? Ones that reflect our inherent goodness, truth, and uplift us collectively?

Pausing to Reflect is a practice I offer on Instagram that invites us into a moment of contemplation. Right in the middle of our feed. Right in the middle of our day. At the end of each of these short musings the invitation is to pause. To allow awareness to come to the forefront of experience rather than rest in the backdrop. These prompts are meant to beckon us into the mind of spaciousness — the only place insights actually arise. They invite us to disidentify from the conditioning that often is triggered as we scroll.

Take these as slowly as you wish. Digest. They are meant to be savored.

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Dear Ones…

Hope is not the dream
of an imaginary future.
True hope lies inside
the reality of what is.
It’s the turning toward
within what is

* * *

Shed everything that
keeps you from enjoying
your own company.

It’s got nothing for you.

* * *

At the end of the day you can only truly take full responsibility for yourself. And taking full responsibility for yourself offers no guarantees regarding how what you do will be received by another. If you allow “the other” to determine how you are doing, a lack of trust in yourself will be reinforced. And if you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?”

* * *

If you are getting hurt in the fight
try side-stepping the next punch.
It takes courage to step outside of the ring.

* * *

When the world feels harsh,
when people project onto you,
judge you, criticize you, even hate –
when they overlook your goodness,
your inherent goodness,

will you?

Will you have your own back?
Will you hold your precious heart?
Will you remember your goodness?
Will you, love, see you? Know you?

Will you, love, love you?

* * *

To suggest
that the ego
needs to die,
is to suggest
that the ego is alive.

It’s not.

* * *

If you leave your well-being
in the hands of another
it can be dropped at any time.

Hold what belongs to you.