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Resting in Receptivity: Opening Up to What Liberates

Instead of seeing enlightenment as something far away from us, we can realise that it’s closer than close. Seeing our experiences as empty opens a way of resting in our own centre. What if enlightenment is our natural state and our practise is to untie and undo the knots of greed, hatred, and delusion?
How often are we harsh and judgemental to ourselves and others? Trying to overcome our suffering by discipline and right effort, which is one point in the Noble Eightfold Path. What if ‘right’ effort could mean a gentle and gracious effort? Could the right amount of effort be a relaxed diligence? What if we truly accept ourselves as we are and dare to follow our own stream of life?
Didn’t the Buddha realise the Truth by giving up a strong discipline and laying down under a tree? From there he discovered what is described as dependent arising. The coming and going of everything.
It can be so easy and so difficult to connect to our true nature. To find a way of practise which frees us. Maybe that doesn’t always mean to sit on our cushion. Three points of the Noble Path refer to our daily life. Might ‘right’ concentration, be another source of striving for us? Maybe it’s enough to practise in a way that is ‘good enough to support a wholesome life.’ We all carry the possibility to experience freedom within greed, hatred, and delusion.
Some ideas for practise could be to lean against a tree and, keeping your eyes soft, be receptive to sounds, colours, the wind, the sun. You could try to make micro-movements and just stay with what is happening for you in the moment. Or just feel your body as it is. Can you allow the idea that this moment is already perfect as it is. With all its pain included.
“Nature is the Common universal language understood by all.” (Kathleen Raine)