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Letting Go of Thoughts

Letting Go of Thoughts that Won’t Let Go of You

We have all heard that letting go is the key to finding happiness and getting over pain, but it’s rarely as easy as it sounds. When we are really deep in it – when we are overcome with anger… fear… stress… grief – it can seem like there is no way out. No matter how desperately we want to let go of it all, we feel stuck. It’s so easy to let our minds take us for a ride, but the truth is that the only way out is through. The only way to free ourselves is to feel deeply and fully – to learn how to let it all in… then let it all go. This journey is bumpy, messy, beautiful, powerful, and – most of all – human.

This session is presented as a preview of Martin’s course Free Your Mind: How to Build a Daily Meditation Practice.


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Nancy Mitchell
Nancy Mitchell
9 months ago

I’ve been meditating on/off for 20 years and this small teaching was a breath of fresh air. It got right to the heart – addressing the psychological underpinnings of our difficult thoughts. Something which is not often addressed in typical Buddhist teachings which I have had. This is both extremely refreshing and helpful.

Caz Sheldon
Caz Sheldon
6 months ago

Thank you Martin. I love the images of open sky and flutterbys. The journey inward to give care an attention to the emotion of persistant thought patterns needs persistence though, eh! and then I think well how often have I rehearsed this kind of story , so it seems I need to catch up with that by repeated attention, again, and again, and again…

4 months ago

Thank you Martin.