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I See You Mara! From Inner Critic to Inner Freedom with Martin Aylward

“Eat when hungry. Sleep when tired.”

In this teaching, we consider what it would be like to live a life free from the inner critic, which we call Mara in the Buddhist tradition. Sangha Live founding teacher Martin Aylward discusses our tendency to second-guess ourselves and get caught up in self-judgment – leading to tightness and anxiety – and the liberation that comes from bringing awareness and skillful reflection to the present moment, rather than obsessing over the past or future.

The Dharma invites us to learn to work with the inner critic to let go of any limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding us back. To free ourselves from Mara, we are called to meet and embrace what she has to teach us. This is our practice.

This session is presented as a preview of Martin’s course I See You Mara! From Inner Critic to Inner Freedom.