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Free Your Mind: How To Build a Daily Meditation Practice

Live Online Course

January 16th, 2023 - February 12th, 2023

Your journey begins…

If you want to learn how to build a meditation practice – if you need help getting started or staying committed – we invite you to join us for a month of daily meditation with Sangha Live founding teacher Martin Aylward.

Whether you are new to meditation, curious to go deeper, or want to sit with more regularity and consistency, this radically accessible course will teach you tools and techniques to develop awakened awareness in your daily life, and Free Your Mind from whatever is holding you back.


Week 1: Take Your Seat


Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle to meditation is simply taking our seat to begin. We often think of meditation as an exercise of the mind, but it’s also a visceral experience in our breathing body.

In our first week together, we’ll focus on grounding our attention, the naturalness of awareness, and using breath and body to arrive in the present moment. We’ll learn to let go of what should be and what could be in order to embrace what is.

Martin will provide basic instruction around supportive posture, the conscious breath, the natural immediacy of experience, and how to begin to relax into uninhibited mental activity. We will learn that a relaxed body is an awakened body.

Week 2: Free Your Mind


In our second week, we’ll explore how our attention inevitably gets hijacked and fixated. We’ll learn the skills we need in order to unhook from anxiety and fantasy and reconnect to presence, again and again.

Martin will lead us through investigating desires, defenses and distractions; the meditative process of recognizing, releasing and returning; and the importance of maintaining attention that is kind and gentle. We’ll learn to fully accept and appreciate not only the experiences that we prefer, but also those which cause discomfort and distress.

We don’t have to always like what is happening, but we can welcome and accept whatever comes, just as it is.

Week 3: Open to Experience


As we deepen our practice this week, we’ll attune to the changing nature of experience by opening up our senses and relaxing into presence.

Martin will help us to explore how consciousness meets experience, and how we can relate to the world around and within us, without resistance or judgment. We’ll learn to let go of control, relax into the flow of experience and to be held by the natural intelligence of life.

We’ll investigate the fluidity of our awareness, abiding as the witnessing presence, and the impermanence and uncertainty of the world around us. We will learn to develop the capacity to embrace all experience, welcoming whatever arises and trusting in ourselves to meet the world, just as it is.

Week 4: Integrate Your Practice


As we wrap up our month of daily meditation, Martin will help us to integrate our newfound awareness and ease of presence into our day-to-day lives.

Through our practice, we will come to understand that meditation is an infinite trajectory in training ourselves to be here, with what’s available in this moment, and in the next. We’ll learn how to be fully present at all times and in all situations, applying the skills and techniques explored in this course to every moment of every day.

In our final week, Martin will introduce us to more advanced techniques including practicing edgeless, all-inclusive awareness, and cultivating the three crucial qualities of Contact, Curiosity and Care. We will learn to turn the light of awareness inward, to giving conscious attention to the Experiencing; the Perceiving; and the Knowing.

Past students share their experiences…

“This one-month meditation with Martin was so great that I continue watching the videos. I loved the evolution of the course from the body posture until meeting the experience with consciousness. I now have the habit of meditating every morning, and I can’t stop! Thanks a lot Martin for your great teaching, your daily smile and energy.”

Live Online Course Details

20 Video Lessons

Every Monday, you will receive 5 new pre-recorded, hi-def video lessons for the week. These short daily recordings will guide you through progressive mindfulness exercises with pro-tips from Martin. They are available indefinitely and yours to keep, so you’ll have the opportunity to revisit them as often as you’d like in the future.

Woman Watching Martin Aylward

4 Live Interactive Q&A Sessions

Every Sunday, join your coursemates in real-time to discuss personal experience and growth, ask questions about the teachings, and receive insightful feedback and guidance from Martin. Interactives are recorded and posted within 24 hours for those who cannot attend.

Community Connections

Through our interactive course platform, your journey will be in community with other practitioners around the world. Course guides will facilitate discussions and sharing circles, answer questions, and provide resources and support. Enrichment option: Pair with a course buddy for the month!

30 Day Refund Guarantee

If you're unsatisfied with the course for any reason, please contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.


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Dates & Times

LIVE Orientation: January 16 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET/ 5pm GMT/ 6pm CET (60 mins)

LIVE Interactive 1: January 22 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (60-90 mins)

LIVE Interactive 2: January 29 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (60-90 mins)

LIVE Interactive 3: February 5 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (60-90 mins)

LIVE Interactive 4: February 12 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (60-90 mins)

About Martin Aylward

photo of Martin Aylward smiling

Martin Aylward is the founding teacher of Sangha Live. After spending his early adult years in Asian monasteries and with Himalayan hermits, Martin settled in Southern France with his wife Gail and their 2 children, co-founding the Moulin de Chaves retreat centre where he lives and teaches.

Martin teaches meditation, guides students and leads retreats internationally, emphasising the integration of the deepest wisdom teachings into the midst of the lives we live. He is also a director of the Mindfulness Training Institute. Martin’s book Awake Where You Are: The Art of Embodied Awareness (2021) is now available via Wisdom Publications