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Work, Sex, Money, Dharma:
Liberation in Everyday Life

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We can enjoy radical liberation in everyday life... right here and now

Work, sex, and money are the three most charged areas of everyday living; so much so that working with their potency is often overlooked, especially in the monastic traditions.

My own early practice was an ascetic one; I spent some years in Asian monasteries and Himalayan hermitages in intensive meditation, and have great respect for these traditions. When I became a husband, father and householder, I was forced to face work, sex and money, and my hang ups with them, head on.

I’ve learned that our complicated relationships to work, sex and money are the shorthand for both the challenge and the fullness of spiritual, contemporary living. In the 21st century, finding liberation in everyday life isn’t easy or straightforward. By consciously investigating these areas, our desires, egos, and attachments are brightly illuminated.

Through independent, self-paced study, you’ll deepen your understanding of your mind’s conditioning. How do you push, pull, shut down, or get contracted, confused, or stuck in regards to work, sex, and money? How can you use this information for personal growth?

Throughout this course, I’ll help you to:

  • Uncover your ideas and associations about work, sex, and money formed during your upbringing
  • Recognize how your conditioning is currently playing out around work, responsibility and vocation; sex, intimacy and loving relationships; money, confidence and security 
  • Cultivate a more fluid, free, playful, and peaceful relationship to work, sex and money

I’ve been living and teaching this transformative material since 2010, to hundreds of students in London, Jerusalem, Paris, New York, San Francisco and beyond. Examining our relationships to work, sex, and money through the lens of the Dharma is a powerful vehicle for personal and collective awakening.

Module 1: WORK

Work: Liberation in Everyday Life with Martin Aylward

In this module, we’ll explore our associations, views, and conditioning in regards to work.

Work, at its best, is our ability to express our intelligence, life force, and understanding in service of the world.

Module 2: SEX

Sex: Liberation in Everyday Life with Martin Aylward

In this module, we’ll examine our hang ups with sex, eroticism, and intimacy.

Our relationships — and our overall relationship with life — can be suffused with love and intimacy, pleasure and delight.

Module 3: MONEY

Money: Liberation in Everyday Life with Martin Aylward

In this module, we’ll dig into our personal challenges in regards to making, keeping, and spending money.

We can develop healthier, freer relationships with the concepts of wealth and security.

Module 4: DHARMA

Dharma: Liberation in Everyday Life with Martin Aylward

In this module, we’ll practice maintaining presence in areas of life where we either become reactive, or have disconnects.

We’ll bring qualities of awakeness, freeness, confidence, engagement, and love into our relationships with work, sex, and money.

This is the path towards liberation in everyday life.

Testimonials from Previous Sangha Live courses with Martin Aylward...

Work, Sex, Money, Dharma: Liberation in Everyday Life with Martin Aylward

Martin’s teachings are very clear and understandable. The format is brilliant and it makes meditation very accessible.’”

Martin’s wisdom, human-ness and humor have given me new ways of relating to and deepening my practice.

After this course I feel deeply inspired, nourished and grateful to Martin and Sangha Live.

On-Demand Course Details

Martin Aylward

Pre-Recorded Video Teachings

Intimate videos from Martin, filmed in high-definition to keep you engaged through body, mind and heart (avg. of 40 mins per module)

Experiential Exercises

Examine your personal life in relation to the teachings, through and writing and contemplative exercises as outlined by Martin.

30 Day Refund Guarantee

If you're unsatisfied with the course for any reason, you can contact us within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Module 2 - The Walls of the Mind

Total Flexibility

Complete this course independently, on your own schedule, at your ideal pace. Watch and re-watch the videos as you please.

About Martin Aylward

photo of Martin Aylward smiling

Martin Aylward is the founding teacher of Sangha Live. After spending his early adult years in Asian monasteries and with Himalayan hermits, Martin settled in Southern France with his wife Gail and their 2 children, co-founding the Moulin de Chaves retreat centre where he lives and teaches.

Martin teaches meditation, guides students and leads retreats internationally, emphasising the integration of the deepest wisdom teachings into the midst of the lives we live. He is also a director of the Mindfulness Training Institute. Martin’s book Awake Where You Are: The Art of Embodied Awareness (2021) is now available via Wisdom Publications. Click here to learn more about Martin Aylward.