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FAQs about Sangha Live and dharma practice

Frequently Asked Questions about Sangha Live

I’m completely new to all this – where should I start?

People who join our community and our courses come from all walks of life and with so many different levels of experience with meditation practice. If you’re completely new to Buddhist practice but have some experience of meditation, there may be some language which is unfamiliar at first but please persist as you’ll very quickly realize there is much that is the same and can be applied.

If you’re completely new to meditation, welcome – you’re in a place that has all the meditation tools and teachings you’ll ever need. We would suggest you either dive right in by joining our Sunday Sangha and experiencing a live teaching from one of our world-renowned teachers. Don’t worry if that sounds a little daunting, you can simply watch or get involved, it’s completely up to you.

If you want to get started deepening your practice, we recommend getting started immediately on one of our On-Demand or Live Courses here.

For a great introduction, watch the recording of our founder Martin Aylward’s Sunday Sangha session, Everything You Wanted To Know About Dharma But Were Too Embarrassed To Ask.

I’m not religious at all – will this be relevant to me?

You don’t need to be religious at all to find relevance in the teachings you’ll find at Sangha Live. In fact, a large proportion of our students come from a secular background or a more secular view of meditation and mindfulness. There is no preachiness or need to “believe” in anything here! Our focus is on showing how to apply Buddhist teachings to your everyday life and you’ll see that in the practical focus through our courses and teachings.

If you want to explore Buddhism from a secular perspective we have an On-Demand Course just for you. Discover our On-Demand Courses right here.

I don’t want everyone seeing me if I attend the live sessions. Can I watch without interacting?

Of course. We understand that not everyone is so happy to jump straight in with both feet. That’s why you can get involved at your own pace. Whether you’re a lurker or have 100 questions you want to ask, you’ve found your place with us. In fact, if you’re new to our live sessions, read our guide on how to join your first Sunday Sangha here.