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About Us

Why we exist

Our mission is to bring wisdom and compassion into the world and reach as many people who are interested in waking up together, regardless of who you are.

What we do

Sangha Live brings people together on a journey of awakening through online courses and live, weekly sessions anyone can join. Our classes are led by world renowned teachers in meditation practice and Buddhist teachings.

In everything we do, we’re committed to helping you: 

  • Deepen your practice
  • Connect to community, no matter where you are (physically, as well as on your journey)
  • Bring Buddhist practice and understanding into your everyday life 

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The values we live by

At the very beginning of our journey, we sat down and took a deep look inside ourselves to determine what we valued the most. Here’s what we chose to keep close to our hearts, no matter what – the guiding force to the way we live and work at Sangha Live.


Our aim is to shine a light on and open up understanding. We keep it simple. We don’t confuse.


We exist to serve everyone by creating a supportive environment in which to explore and ask questions without judgement. We welcome everyone: all ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, abilities, cultures and religions.


We don’t offer a “quick fix” and we don’t overpromise. You’re on a journey and we’re here with you for the long-haul to create meaningful lasting change.


Since Sangha Live’s inception, we’ve made a priority of inviting teachers from a variety of practice traditions, social backgrounds, ethnic origins and ways of teaching. The more diverse and inclusive we are as a Sangha, the richer the experience for all, and the better we appreciate both our differences and our same-ness.


We walk the walk. The team and our teachers care and are deeply invested in their own practice and presenting the Dharma accurately and authentically.

Mutual generosity

We honor the Buddhist principle of dana, or mutual generosity. Our teachers generously offer their teachings to our community. In return our community generously donates to help continue our Sangha sessions.

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Our Invitation to You

If you’re tired of being told to do more, pursue more, have more, be more.
Here is where you get to say no;
to society’s relentless pressure,
to waiting for some destination that keeps receding
like the carrot before the proverbial donkey.
Here is the side door you’ve been searching for. 
Exit from habits, turn against the stream,
Begin your journey where the main road ends.

Come and ask your deepest questions,
searching beyond mere answers and ideas
For a true heart’s response.
Examine long-held assumptions.
Shake up what you thought you knew,
Who you thought you were.

Here is where the heart cracks open
Where the life you always knew was possible
Comes into sight.
Here we learn about joy and ease,
And unlearn the ways we suffer.

Training our minds. 
Freeing our hearts
Finding ourselves at home right here.
This is where you stop and breathe
This is where you begin.

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