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How to start your journey

New to Buddhism or meditation?

With so much to learn and take in when you first start your journey into meditation practice, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. Our advice is the same for everyone – just dive in and do what you can. There’s no rush. We’ll be here every step of the way.

Start with the basics

Explore our self-paced courses led by the world’s best meditation teachers offering guidance, insight and the tools you need to start your journey of transformation. 

Free Your Mind: How To Build a Daily Meditation Practice

Start your meditation journey with Sangha Live

Start your meditation journey with Sangha Live’s founding and guiding teacher, Martin Aylward. In this foundational course, Martin unpacks deep Buddhist principles into simple, effective, liberating daily practices for transforming your life. Join Martin for a month of daily meditation in this guided, personal journey through the fundamentals of meditation practice.

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The Four Great Tasks: Rethinking the Dharma for a Secular Age

With reference to the earliest canonical sources, Stephen Batchelor explores how one might reimagine the Dharma from the ground up. If you view Buddhism as a way of life rather from a religious perspective, this course is designed for you.

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Insight Yoga: Introduction to Meridians, Mindfulness, and Yin Yoga Postures

Sarah Powers, founder and author of Insight Yoga, shares powerful sequences that integrate yoga postures with the Buddhadharma along with understandings from Chinese medicine. If you’re interested in exploring the physical side of your practice, begin your journey here.

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Discover more courses

Join us for Sunday Sangha!

A great place to get started is to join us for one of our freely offered live sessions, every Sunday, with one of our renowned Insight Meditation teachers. Meet like-minded people, ask questions and learn what this journey is all about, no matter your level of experience.

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Questions as you start your journey?

When exploring Buddhist teachings for the first time, it’s normal for your mind to wander and think: “Is this really for me?” or “Do I have to be religious?”. Ease your mind by exploring the answers to some of the most common questions.

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