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Daily Meditation Recordings with Nathan Glyde – Week of July 1, 2024

Nathan Glyde

Nathan Glyde

We’re fortunate that Nathan Glyde has generously offered to lead our daily meditation sessions for Europe and the UK. To find out more about Nathan, and to view his other contributions to Sangha Live, click here.


This week’s topic is “Alight, Enlight, Delight”


The Buddha is recorded as saying “be a lamp unto yourself”. Let’s explore enlightening experience by releasing unnecessary burdens, brighten the heart by delighting in the overlooked, and shine our liberating light into the whole world.


Alight Here and Now

July 1, 2024

Unburden and Enlighten

July 2, 2024

Delight in Appreciation

July 3, 2024

Shine Your Boundless Light

July 4, 2024

A Lighthouse Refuge

July 5, 2024

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    In this Sunday Sangha session, we will address the common tendencies to judge and compare. Wise discernment is useful, but excessive comparing and compulsive judging can harm relationships, obscure the clarity of perception, and thwart spiritual development. This session includes practical suggestions for calming a harsh inner critic, while encouraging critical and thoughtful inquiry.

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    Peace in this very everyday life.

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    You Are NOT Doomed: Breaking & Replacing Old Patterns

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    Daily Meditation Recordings, with Zohar Lavie – Week of June 3, 2024

    This week’s topic is “Letting Go, Cultivating Deep Peace”. The Buddha’s teachings offer a profoundly pragmatic, compassionate and wise response to the human condition. During this week we will explore the art of pausing, looking deeply into our own lived experience and letting go of clinging, as foundations for developing a peaceful heart. This supports the possibilities for both our own well-being, as well as peace in the external world.

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