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Leaning Into Collapse

With Martin Aylward recorded on September 5, 2021.

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The fires and floods of this summer, and the ongoing pandemic and its complexities, can weigh heavy on the heart, along with the shocking but unsurprising new IPCC report confirming the ‘inevitable and irreversible’ worsening effects of the climate disruption, ecological collapse and existential emergency we are already living through.

This class, led by Sangha live founding and guiding teacher Martin Aylward, is a reflection on collapse, and how to respond wisely. We make room for the grief, fear and anger that easily arise, as well as looking beyond them to wise action: How to stand steady in unstable times? How to love in the midst of death? How can dharma practice support us to live fully, love freely, and collapse fearlessly amidst the tumult of our world.

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