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Live Course with Willa Blythe Baker – Feb 27 2023 – Loving Awareness: Opening the Heart through Practice

Live Online Course

February 27th, 2023 - March 26th, 2023


Pre-Recorded Video Teachings

Each weekly module will include approx. 1 hour of rich, hi-def video lessons, guided practices, and assignments from Willa. (These videos will also be available as downloadable MP3s to listen to.)

Woman Watching Martin Aylward

4 LIVE Interactive Video Q&A Sessions

Each Sunday, we’ll meet live for 1-hour to practice together, discuss our course experiences as a collective, ask Willa questions, and receive her direct, insightful feedback. Replays will be available within 24 hours of each live session & indefinitely.

Experiential Assignments

You’ll be encouraged by Willa to develop a daily meditation practice, keep a meditation journal, and develop on-the-spot practices of presence and grounding in awareness in daily life.

Inquiry Groups

Each week, assigned Inquiry Groups of approx. 3 people will be invited to meet independently, engage in a meditation practice together, and to discuss Willa’s weekly teachings along with any new insights or difficulties that have arisen.