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The Bridge to Happiness

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Journey on the Bridge to Happiness with Caverly Morgan.

What do you want more than happiness?

We all long for it. It’s the desire underneath all of our searching.

Likely you realize it can’t be found externally. You may have tried to find it through forms of self-help. You’ve read inspiring books by great teachers. You’ve resonated with their wisdom. And have you ever struggled to live by these truths in your daily life?

The Bridge to Happiness course supports us in living from truth. It’s an accessible and informative course that integrates a variety of the great wisdom teachings. It shows you how to align your life with your deepest understanding.

The Bridge to Happiness is founded in the revolutionary understanding that your true nature is wholeness, awareness, and unconditional love. When we wake up to our true nature, our lives begin to transform. Then contemplative practice is no longer founded on striving and searching, rather the alignment of all aspects of your life with your realization.

You’ll be skilfully guided through this process by Caverly Morgan, a former monk who is dedicated to making contemplative wisdom accessible to all. Join us as we learn to live from authenticity and truth in daily life.

View Caverly’s Introductory Webinar

Caverly gives an overview of the course, The Bridge to Happiness, and answers viewer questions in this webinar that was previously recorded live.

Module 1: Recognizing the Conditioned Mind

View the first few minutes of Module 1 to the left.

The first module explores the fundamental philosophy of this course: the ultimate aim is happiness and we don’t have to suffer in order to end suffering. We’ll explore four foundational themes for our work together: directing the attention, the conditioned mind, negative self-talk, and the inner critic.

  • We’ll experientially practice directing our attention, seeing how the quality of our lives is determined by the focus of our attention.
  • We’ll experientially explore the nature of the conditioned mind — the mind of limitation — how we get identified, and how we can disidentify.
  • We’ll bring awareness to negative self-talk — and explore its relationship to the inner critic.

This module orients us to the month-long journey we’ll be taking together. You’ll receive guidance on how to make the course a success. And receive a foundational framing with accompanying tools that are accessible and available in this moment. You’ll receive guidance on how to integrate these learnings between course sessions and receive support from an inquiry partner.

Module 2: Seeing How We Survived Our Lives

The Bridge To Happiness with Caverly Morgan

The second module is a deeper dive into processes of the conditioned mind. How did you survive your life? We’ll explore these questions through a playful, interactive story. You’ll gain insight into your survival strategies and how they limit you. We’ll explore how awareness practice is a radically different approach to meeting our unmet needs.

  • We’ll experientially explore how our conditioning formed.
  • We’ll get in touch with our survival strategies using the tool of the Enneagram.
  • We’ll explore the relationship between survival strategies, unmet needs, and the inner critic.
  • We’ll see how awareness practice helps us recognize our unmet needs and respond rather than react from conditioned survival strategies.

This module will give you important tools and insights to support the embodiment of your practice while leaving no stone unturned. In recognizing our conditioning we are naturally aligning with awareness. You’ll be given guidance on how to build on these learnings between sessions.

Module 3: Accessing Compassion

The Bridge To Happiness with Caverly Morgan

The third module explores how to consciously align ourselves with compassion. We’ll explore how contemplative practice no longer needs to be founded on striving and searching. We’ll reflect on how to align our life with our deepest understanding and live from truth.

  • We’ll access inherent wisdom and compassion through a compassionate being guided imagery.
  • We’ll introduce the self-compassion practice of reassurances — unconditionally loving statements — and how to craft them.
  • We’ll explore how reassurances address both our unmet needs and ground us in inherent well-being.

This module moves us from seeing our identification with conditioning to embodying a compassionate relationship to ourselves and life. You’ll receive supports and practices for weaving compassion into your life, navigating stumbling blocks, and returning to center.

Module 4: Knowing Yourself as Awareness

The fourth module opens us to the recognition that awareness is the fundamental nature of our being. We’ll explore processes and practices of awareness. We’ll explore how contemplative practice no longer needs to be founded on striving and searching. We’ll reflect on how to align our life with our deepest understanding and live from truth.

You’ll experience a spacious guided meditation to familiarize you with knowing yourself as awareness.

We’ll explore the relationship between knowing ourselves as awareness and our happiness.

We’ll explore the big shift from seeing ourselves separate to recognizing our inherent interconnection — and how that transforms our relationship to suffering.

We’ll integrate our explorations of the conditioned mind with this new understanding of knowing ourselves as awareness.

We’ll explore how to act and live from this transformative understanding.

This module is designed to embody and reflect the understanding that our true nature is wholeness, awareness, and love. Through reflection, exploration, and inquiry, we’ll ground our journey in this fundamental and revolutionary understanding. You’ll be given guidance and tools on how to integrate this Bridge to Happiness in your everyday life beyond this course.


This course was one of the best I’ve taken. Caverly’s teachings were clear and concise and also deep and rich in meaning.

- Previous Participant of the Course

Caverly is warm and wise and welcoming. I will take her teachings with me as a gift for years to come.

- Previous Participant of the Course

Each module built on the ones before and the meditations were very helpful in deepening my understanding of the material and, most importantly, experiencing it directly.

- Previous Participant of the Course

On-Demand Course Details

The Bridge To Happiness with Caverly Morgan

10 Hours of video teachings

Filmed in high definition with only you in mind, having an intimate and personal feel that will keep you engaged as your body, mind and heart tune in.

Daily Dharma Meditation

Guided Meditations

Caverly offers several guided meditations throughout the course to support you in your exploration of knowing yourself more deeply.

Experiential Exercises

Deepen your understanding and experience of the teachings with exercises that Caverly provides within the modules. These can be done with a partner, or alone in journalling form.

Recorded Q&A Sessions

Videos of 4 recorded interactive sessions from a previous live release of the course are included.

About Caverly Morgan

Caverly Morgan is a contemporary spiritual teacher, author, speaker, and nonprofit founder. She is the founder and Lead Contemplative of Peace in Schools—a nonprofit which created the nation’s first for-credit mindfulness class in public high schools. She is also the founder of Presence Collective, a community of cross-cultural contemplatives committed to personal and collective transformation.

Caverly blends the original spirit of Zen with a modern nondual approach. Her practice began in 1995 and has included eight years of training in a silent Zen monastery. She has been teaching contemplative practice since 2001.

Caverly speaks publicly at conferences on topics including contemplative practice, personal and collective transformation, social entrepreneurship, authentic leadership, and mindfulness education, and has been featured in publications such as Mindful magazine (as a cover subject) and The New York Times. Caverly is the author of A Kid’s Book About Mindfulness: Kids Are Ready (2020) and The Heart of Who We Are: Realizing Freedom Together (2022).

Caverly leads meditation retreats, workshops, and online classes internationally. She has been a teacher and presenter at the Science and Nonduality Conference, 1440 Multiversity, Sangha Live, Esalen, the Mind and Life International Symposium for Contemplative Research, Buddha at the Gas Pump, Open Circle, the New York Zen Center of Contemplative Care, and many more.

Prior to her pioneering efforts with Peace in Schools, Caverly worked for nonprofits serving people with special needs. An artist and educator, she brings insight, passion, warmth and humor to her transformative work with students of all ages and experience levels.

She is dedicated to actualizing possibility, serving love, and embodying the truth of our shared being. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Vineet and their dog Dōgen. Click here to learn more about Caverly Morgan.