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Dying and Death:
A Gateway to Liberation

Live Online Course

January 28th, 2024 - February 18th, 2024

Is Dying a connection with reality or a denial of it?

Is Death a knowing of reality or a denial of it?

For some the older we get, the more we think about dying and death.  As we journey through life, we become increasingly aware of its inevitable end. Perhaps our wish to navigate this transition grows stronger, prompting us to seek guidance and understanding.

But are we making far too much fuss about dying and death?

The clinging mind hinders our ability to perceive the true nature of reality. We become prisoners to a personal view of existence tied up with birth, aging, dying and death – a plethora of opinions that stands in the way of deep and liberating wisdom.

As we gaze into the vast expanse of the universe, amidst the blinking stars and the ceaseless cycles of nature, we might sense a profound truth: Reality is ageless and deathless, unbound to cycles.

This course will explore ways to transcend this limiting identification and access a boundless wisdom. Led by senior Dharma teacher Christopher Titmuss, we will explore the limitations of the conventional mindset on dying and death to find a connection with the vastness of reality. 

There is a potential to reveal a liberating wisdom dissolving fear of death.

Dying and Death - Christopher Titmuss

Join this 4-week interactive course to discover:

  • Practices to develop a clear relationship with dying and death of oneself or another
  • Understanding of dying and death as a conventional reality
  • How to face death (and fear of death) with calmness and clarity
  • What dying and death teaches us about living
  • Meditation on the infinite reality.

Module 1 - Living and Dying: Same but Different?

Living and dying reveals a perception as much as a bodily condition.

As you get older, is your perception of ‘living’ under the influence of holding onto life? Is your perception of ‘dying’ of fear of losing your life?

In our first module, we will explore living and dying. We will uncover some of the perceptions and fears that hold us back from meditations and reflections on death. 

You might tell yourself and others “I am not afraid of death.” This is a conceited claim, unless you are free from suffering in life… a claim that will be tested relentlessly if facing a long, slow death.

Together, we will meditate on death – on loved ones no longer in this world, death from war, death of creatures, of species.

Module 2 - Death of a Loved One: From Sadness to Grief to Despair

Sadness reveals a natural healthy response to death of a loved one or oneself.

The Buddha referred to mindfulness training to overcome grief, lamentation (intense grief) and despair (overwhelming grief). These manifestations of grief arise due to problematic desires having no authentic relationship to love. 

When we lose a loved one, do we feel sorry the life of this person has come to an end? Do we feel sorry for ourselves that we no longer can share experiences with this person? Or is our sorrow a combination of both? Are there other ways to feel sadness?

Yet to not feel anything in the face of loss reveals a heart that has gone dry.

What are the steps we can take to understand feelings and emotions in the face of dying and death of a loved one? 

Module 3 - Relationship to Death: To Birth or Self?

There is death and there is the relationship to death.

This is a view: When I am here, death is not. When death is here, I am not. We believe that death relates largely to our ‘self,’ not to anything else. This is a misplaced view triggering fear.

Death has a direct relationship to birth. Reflections on death give us the opportunity to go deep into impermanence, into change and what unfolds therein.

In our third module, we will explore living one day at a time, the process of becoming and an ultimate perspective.

Module 4 - Dying and Death: Relative vs. Ultimate Truth

When dying and death have become subordinate to the neediness of the self, of ‘I’ and ‘my,’ it robs awareness of the opportunity to realize liberation from dependency on birth, dying and death.

This expanse of wisdom can reveal a ‘seeing and knowing’ of the birthless, the ageless, the deathless. Ultimate truth reveals a freedom from name and form. Empathy and compassion arise naturally from ultimate truth. 

We experience receptivity when we abide in the silence, stillness and the facing of interest in the self with all its social conditioning. 

In these four meetings, we will explore dying, death and transcendence. And nothing else. No theories. No rigid speculations around scientific and religious views. Together we will seek only truth.

Live Online Course Details

Live Interactive Sessions

Christopher will lead our weekly Sunday sessions to include insightful dharma teachings, guided group practice and an open discussion forum for students to ask questions about the teachings.

Community Connections

Your journey will be in community with other practitioners around the world via our interactive course platform. As you move through each module, course guides will facilitate discussions, answer questions, and provide resources and support. Every Sunday, you will come together with your coursemates in real time to practice together and share your experiences.

Daily Dharma Practices

Each week, Christopher will offer a meditation or mindfulness practice to bring awareness to the theme of the week, to be practiced daily (or as often as you can) during the month.

Lifetime Access

All teachings, meditations and Q&A's will be recorded, published and archived on our interactive course platform. Video recordings will be permanently available for you to come back to as many times as you like in the future.


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Dates & Times

LIVE Interactive #1: Sunday, Jan 28 @ 9:30 am PST / 12:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm GMT / 6:30 pm CET (90 minutes)

LIVE Interactive #2: Sunday, Feb 4 @ 9:30 am PST / 12:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm GMT / 6:30 pm CET (90 minutes)

LIVE Interactive #3: Sunday, Feb 11 @ 9:30 am PST / 12:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm GMT / 6:30 pm CET (90 minutes)

LIVE Interactive #4: Sunday, Feb 18 @ 9:30 am PST / 12:30 pm EST / 5:30 pm GMT / 6:30 pm CET (90 minutes)

Replays will be posted in the days afterwards for those who cannot attend live.

About Christopher Titmuss

Profile Photo Of Christopher Titmuss

Christopher Titmuss, a senior Dharma teacher in the West, offers retreats, leads Zoom meetings in five time zones and supports social/global change. His teachings focus on ethics, insight meditation (vipassana), the expansive heart and enquiry into emptiness/liberation.

Poet, photographer, blogger and social critic, Christopher is the author of 22 books including Light on Enlightenment (1998), The Spiritual Roots of Mindfulness (2019) and The Political Buddha (2018). He is also the founder of the Mindfulness Teacher Training Course.

More than 1000 of Christopher’s talks/inquiry sessions and guided meditations are freely available online. He lives in Totnes, Devon, England. Click here to learn more about Christopher Titmuss.