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Understanding Trauma and
the Path to Freedom

Live Online Course

March 3rd, 2024 - March 24th, 2024

Explore and embody ways of living inside, through and beyond trauma

In this course, we will shine the light of awareness on trauma.

We will use meditation, talks, dialogue and self-enquiry to explore the territory of trauma. Together we’ll seek to understand what trauma means at the level of catastrophic impact, developmental impact, and cultural and trans-generational impacts.

Guided by Mindfulness-Based Core Process Psychotherapist Jonny White, we will work to understand the effects of trauma in the body and in the perceptual processes of the mind.

Over the course of this deep inner journey, Jonny will show us how meditation practice and relational enquiry can help us ground into ourselves and come into a compassionate relationship to our trauma. And together we’ll discover how unlocking the energy bound up in trauma can empower us to walk together on the path towards greater freedom.

Please note: We would advise that if you are in strong states of overwhelm this course may not offer enough relational holding to safely process your trauma, and so may not be best suited for those in severe activation.

This course counts as 15 Hours of CPD for UK counsellors and psychotherapists, awarded by the Karuna Institute. Application details provided upon registration.

Join this 4-week interactive course to explore:

  • Creating the space to understand your self and your embodied processes at a greater depth
  • Ways that practice can help you stabilise, expand and experience healing
  • How to live with greater power, ease and freedom

Module 1: Ground

In our first module, we will explore trauma theory.

We will look at the ways that practice can help ground us into presence and so allow us to cultivate a compassionate and stable capacity to come into relationship to trauma.

When we learn to observe and be with our fear, hurt and pain without resistance or judgment, we can start working through it. We will see that this capacity is central to a developing a healing relationship to trauma.

Module 2: Compassion

In our second week together, we will explore the capacity of compassion to hold space for trauma.

We will explore our histories and embodied processes and how to allow the natural processes of healing to arise in the body/mind. This deeply embodied approach to healing empowers us to transform our trauma into a source of strength and resilience.

Module 3: Transformation

In this module, we will discover how unlocking the energy bound up in trauma can empower us both individually and collectively.

In our work together, we will explore how to excavate the energy trapped in trauma, and channel this energy into positive action. We will pay particular attention to the energies of wrath and clarity, and the liberating potential they present.

Module 4: Freedom

In our final week together, we will look at how it might be to live in a way that is free-er of trauma, and how that freedom can allow us to work in the service to aiding not just our own wellbeing but the wellbeing of all.

Together we can be agents of change, working to create a more compassionate world.

Our healing journey becomes a path towards collective liberation.

Praise for Jonny's teachings

“Jonny is such a wonderful human, it has been such a bless being nourished by his wisdom, his competence and compassionate humanity.”

“Jonny White provided very valuable insights into how the Buddhist path can lead to a deeper understanding of the individual self and self patterns and how this can lead to less identification and suffering and ultimately to freedom. He taught this massive topic with clarity and humanity.”

Live Online Course Details

Live Interactive Sessions

Jonny will lead our weekly Sunday sessions to include insightful teachings, guided group practice and an open discussion forum for students to ask questions and receive support.

Enquiry Groups (OPTIONAL)

Students who feel it would be helpful for them are encouraged to join a 3-4 person practice group to experience the journey in community. For the duration of the 4 weeks, Jonny will guide the enquiry groups in safely and supportively sharing their joys, challenges, and insights with one another, and learning to hold space.

Daily Dharma Practices

Each week, Jonny will offer a meditation or mindfulness practice to bring awareness to the theme of the week, to be practiced daily (or as often as you can) during the month.

Lifetime Access

All teachings, meditations and Q&A's will be recorded, published and archived on our interactive course platform. Video recordings will be permanently available for you to come back to as many times as you like in the future.


Photo - Alarm Clock - Schedule

Dates & Times

LIVE Interactive #1: Sunday, March 3 @ 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (90 minutes)

LIVE Interactive #2: Sunday, March 10 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (90 minutes)

LIVE Interactive #3: Sunday, March 17 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (90 minutes)

LIVE Interactive #4: Sunday, March 24 @ 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm GMT / 6pm CET (90 minutes)

Replays will be posted in the days afterwards for those who cannot attend live.

About Jonny White

Jonny White

Jonny White is a Psychotherapist, Meditator and Psychotherapy Trainer. He has worked as a Mindfulness-Based Core Process Psychotherapist for over 20 years and is Co-Director at Karuna Institute in the UK. Karuna Institute has been offering Masters, and Masters-level, accredited psychotherapy trainings that fuse Buddhist and ‘western’ trauma-informed understandings of the body/mind for over 30 years. Jonny lives in Somerset in the UK with his family. Click here to learn more about Jonny White.