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Daily Meditation Recordings, with Ulla Koenig – Week of March 29, 2021

Ulla Konig

Ulla Koenig

We’re fortunate that Ulla Koenig has generously offered to lead our daily meditation sessions for Europe and the UK. To find out more about Ulla, and to view his other contributions to Sangha Live, click here. Recordings are posted 24 – 36 hours after the live session runs.


This week’s theme is: Re-enchanting our practice


As much as anything else our practice of mindfulness and meditation can become a habit and either turn dull or come with a sense of obligation, work or duty. In this week together, we will explore ways to bring imagination, embodiment, and intimacy to our practice. After all, meditation is as much a craft as an art form – a chance to discover inner landscapes, hidden mysteries and fascinating insights.


March 29, 2021


March 30, 2021


March 31, 2021


Summary of the seven qualities:

  • Wishes to give what beautifies
  • Not shy to be challenged by generosity
  • Is steady in times of conflict and friction
  • Opens up around own vulnerabilities and keeps your secrets safe
  • Does not abandon you when times get rough
  • Does not look down on you when you’re feeling small, weak, confused, in pain

A Friend





April 1, 2021


Muppet Show

Harry Potter

Mary Oliver poem

Ulla’s online retreat



April 2, 2021



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