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Glimpses of Interbeing: An Introduction to Insight Dialogue

With Anna-Brown Griswold recorded on March 17, 2024.

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Based in the Buddhist tradition, Insight Dialogue harnesses the power of relationship to amplify, refine, and accelerate the development of mindfulness. Consisting of 6 meditative guidelines practiced in dyads or more, the practice supports the wisdom of dharma to enter the heart and mind in an embodied way that is immediately applicable in daily life. Join us in discovering the profound impact of Insight Dialogue on fostering compassion, wisdom, and genuine human connection.

Please note that the first 30 seconds of the sitting meditation instructions at the start of the session were not recorded.

Also, this session has been edited to remove periods when breakout sessions were taking place. However, the instructions for Insight Dialogue practice as given to the breakout groups have been left in. If you are following along with the recording you may wish to pause the video while you practice with the instructions.

Listen to the audio version below, or click here to download the mp3.


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