Daily Meditation

Our popular Daily Meditation Series has re-started

Join us each weekday for a guided meditation and short teaching. Here are three great reasons why we’d love you to be there with us:

1. Build the daily habit ⁣

Building the habit of sitting daily for just five days will transform your practice. It may feel like a stretch to commit to the full five days, so if this feels too much, commit to just two or three days instead.

2. Be part of the community⁣

Our community members tell us one of the most valuable reasons for joining is to leave behind the feelings of loneliness and isolation that has become common under the “new normal”. The feedback we most love reading about this series is how so many in our community feel connected with others during each session.

3. Deepen your practice and connection⁣

If you’ve been practising for some time, the Daily Meditations are a great way to go deep with one teacher over a period of several weeks. That’s multiple hours spent with a world-renowned Buddhist teacher right in your home – a truly unique opportunity.

This week, Martin Aylward (Monday) and Zohar Lavie (Tuesday to Friday) will start off our first session of each day at 7am UK time (London) / 8am European time (Paris) .

We’ll also be offering 2 replays each day of the European sessions at the following times for our North American viewers:

  • 8am Eastern (NYC)
  • 8am Pacific (San Francisco)

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Daily Meditation: 28 Sept – 2 Oct (Europe)

Daily meditation with Martin Aylward and Zohar Lavie
7am UK / 8am EU (Paris)

Daily Meditation: 28 Sep – 2 Oct (E. Coast US)

Daily meditation with Martin Aylward and Zohar Lavie
8am EDT (NY)

Daily Meditation: 28 Sep – 2 Oct (West Coast US)

Daily meditation with Martin Aylward and Zohar Lavie
8am PDT (LA)

View Recordings of Past Daily Meditation Sessions

Daily Meditation Recordings, with Caverly Morgan – Week of June 22

With Caverly Morgan Recorded : June 22, 2020

We’re very grateful to have Caverly Morgan hosting our Daily Meditation Series for North America. To find out more about Caverly, and to view her past recordings and contributions to Sangha Live, click here. Monday, June 22 Returning to “I don’t know” mind, part 1 Wednesday, June 24 Surrendering to silence Friday, June 26 Collective…

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