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Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library

Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library
Stephen Fulder

Welcoming the Beyond

With Stephen Fulder Recorded : October 15, 2023

What is beyond the ordinary mind? Can thought be background music, not a distraction? How can we access a consciousness that is open, free and limitless? How can we dive into the ocean instead...

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Vince Cullen

Freedom without Expectations

With Vince Cullen Recorded : October 1, 2023

One of the Buddha’s primary realisations was ‘Life is painful and then you die.’ If this is true, then how do we respond to the difficulties of life? This session will explore how we...

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Your Most Expensive Resource

With Sean Oakes Recorded : September 3, 2023

There is a substance we need for every meaningful part of our life. We only have a small amount of it, it’s being spent constantly, we can’t get more, and we’re surrounded by predators...

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Pamela Weiss

Living by Vow

With Pamela Weiss Recorded : July 23, 2023

To live by vow is a radical reorientation – from reactivity to response-ability, and from fear to love. This session will examine what it means to walk the spiritual path, and consider the importance...

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Dave Smith

Mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths

With Dave Smith Recorded : July 16, 2023

Across all Buddhist lineages and traditions, the four noble truths hold the utmost importance. They are the Dharma’s most fundamental teaching. In modern society, the focus of Buddhism often shifts to meditation, particularly mindfulness,...

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Resting in Love, as Love

With Caverly Morgan Recorded : July 9, 2023

Consciousness itself is not disturbed by a busy mind. In practice, the ego takes this truth and says, “I will transcend mind.” But the “I” that experiences itself as separate from life cannot and...

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Deborah Eden Tull

The Power of Surrender

With Deborah Eden Tull Recorded : June 18, 2023

The spiritual path requires our surrender – again and again. We surrender story, striving, preoccupation, and the illusion of separate self. We surrender all that is not Love. How do we remember the power...

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Chris Germer

The Power of Self-Compassion

With Chris Germer Recorded : June 11, 2023

Most people are more compassionate toward others than themselves when things go wrong. However, burgeoning research shows that self-compassion is good for everybody. Fortunately, it can be learned.  How can we seamlessly bring self-compassion into...

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Peace Twesigye

The Wisdom of Equanimity

With Peace Twesigye Recorded : June 4, 2023

The dominant culture treats unpleasant feelings as problems, and pleasant feelings as if we should experience them all the time. This is neither possible nor wise. How can we fully feel the beautiful and...

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Yahel Avigur

The Necessity of Trust

With Yahel Avigur Recorded : May 28, 2023

The qualities of trust, faith, and confidence are essential for mental health, profound spiritual explorations and the depth of relationships. To serve well, trust needs cultivating in conjunction with qualities of discerning wisdom and...

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Bart van Melik

Trusting Impermanence

With Bart van Melik Recorded : April 16, 2023

‘All things fall apart’ was the Buddha’s last teaching before passing away. How can we live peacefully with this universal and challenging truth? In this session, we’ll practice how attuning to change supports letting...

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