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Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library

Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library
Peace Twesigye

Why Meditate?

With Peace Twesigye Recorded : February 18, 2024

Many people have encountered the Buddha’s teachings when learning to meditate. Many more people in the world, however, have learned about the Buddha through stories imparting lessons about how to live wisely. Why is...

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Profile Photo Of Christopher Titmuss

The Happiness of Emptiness

With Christopher Titmuss Recorded : January 21, 2024

Exploration of ultimate teachings requires listening, reflection/meditation rather than sitting to wait for an experience. Emptiness does not require experiences. The ultimate reveals the emptiness of self, ego, I and my – including self...

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James Baraz

Changing the Channel: Opening to Goodness

With James Baraz Recorded : January 7, 2024

The barrage of frightening headlines often leaves us with feelings of despair, hopelessness, and negativity. While it’s important to feel connected to the suffering all around us, it is equally important to nourish ourselves...

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Scott Tusa

Living From a Sense of Call and Response

With Scott Tusa Recorded : November 26, 2023

Deep listening goes beyond merely using our ears; it encompasses engaging our eyes, hearts, and bodies as well. As practitioners of meditation, we can also learn to listen with mindful awareness. In this session,...

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Nicola Redfern

Not Knowing is Most Intimate

With Nicola Redfern Recorded : November 19, 2023

The Buddha spoke often about the danger of clinging to views and opinions. He recommended we avoid clinging, even to the dharma and to “right view.” In a world increasingly torn apart by our...

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Stephen Fulder

Welcoming the Beyond

With Stephen Fulder Recorded : October 15, 2023

What is beyond the ordinary mind? Can thought be background music, not a distraction? How can we access a consciousness that is open, free and limitless? How can we dive into the ocean instead...

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Vince Cullen

Freedom without Expectations

With Vince Cullen Recorded : October 1, 2023

One of the Buddha’s primary realisations was ‘Life is painful and then you die.’ If this is true, then how do we respond to the difficulties of life? This session will explore how we...

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