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Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library

Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library
Kim Allen

Simplicity: The Heart of the Dharma

With Kim Allen Recorded : July 21, 2024

Simplicity underlies Dharma practice. It’s common that when people begin to meditate, even if they have a full life with a job and family, they begin to realize that simplicity is a deep value....

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Pamela Weiss

True Refuge

With Pamela Weiss Recorded : July 7, 2024

This talk will explore the Three Refuges — Buddha, Dharma and Sangha — as sources of true refuge in difficult times. The teaching of the Refuges is found within all schools of Buddhism and...

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Lisa Ernst

Exploring Karma, Choice and the Mind

With Lisa Ernst Recorded : June 30, 2024

Karma is action in Buddhism, driven by intention. With practice we cultivate the ability to choose our response and our actions, internally and externally. We might think if our intentions are good our actions...

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Daigan Gaither

Bodhisattva Practice

With Daigan Gaither Recorded : June 23, 2024

Using the hagiography of the Bodhisattvas of Compassion, Wisdom, and Activity, let’s explore how to bring those ideals into our everyday life off the cushion. What can these perfections of compassion, wisdom and activity...

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Toby Sola

The Out Breath: Unlocking Concentration

With Toby Sola Recorded : June 16, 2024

Shodo Harada Roshi is known as a “teacher of teachers”, with masters from various lineages coming to sit with him in Japan. If you went to Harada’s monastery, the main meditation technique you’d learn...

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Bart van Melik

What Feeds your Craving?

With Bart van Melik Recorded : May 19, 2024

The Buddha discovered that craving is the cause by which stress comes into play. Letting go of this constant pursuing of our desires is possible. Befriending this human and natural craving needs the power...

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I Call on My Inherent Wellbeing

With Maura Sills Recorded : May 5, 2024

In the territory of inherent health we are all equal. To really know this with the heartmind impacts our practice at all levels. One of the more important shifts in our practice is recognising...

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Frank Ostaseski

Tonight the Subject is Love

With Frank Ostaseski Recorded : April 28, 2024

Love is the essential quality needed for the journey through life. The heart’s desire for deep connection fuels the journey, inspires and deepens our practice. This is why at some point we stop practicing to...

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George Haas

Meditation and Attachment Theory

With George Haas Recorded : April 14, 2024

We will discuss Attachment Theory in the context of Buddhist Theravada Practice, exploring the traditional Buddhist path to liberation using descriptions of Attachment conditioning as a way to understand obstacles to practice. We will...

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Emily Horn

The Phases of Insight

With Emily Horn Recorded : April 7, 2024

Similar to the phases of the moon, our spiritual practice is full of natural rhythms and seasons. In this session we will learn a simple chart, called the phases of insight, that supports recognizing what...

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Peace Twesigye

Why Meditate?

With Peace Twesigye Recorded : February 18, 2024

Many people have encountered the Buddha’s teachings when learning to meditate. Many more people in the world, however, have learned about the Buddha through stories imparting lessons about how to live wisely. Why is...

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