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Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library

Dharma Library

Explore teachings from our previous Sunday Sangha sessions with our Dharma Library
photo of Martin Aylward smiling

An Open Heart in Hell

With Martin Aylward Recorded : September 4, 2022

After a summer of extreme heat, drought and fire, we may well enter the autumn wondering how to manage the grief at our fragile and collapsing ecology. Taking the title An Open Heart in Hell from...

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Ronya Banks

Untangling the Tangle

With Ronya Banks Recorded : July 3, 2022

The Buddha often described our practice in terms of untangling the tangles we find ourselves caught in. Together, let us uncover the primary tangles we get tangled in and how we can use our...

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Oren Jay Sofer

Wise Resolve: Finding Inner Strength

With Oren Jay Sofer Recorded : June 26, 2022

In an effort to counter tendencies towards striving and over-achieving, many Western approaches to meditation and spirituality emphasize relaxation. While relaxation and ease are essential ingredients on the meditative path, they must be integrated...

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Profile Photo Of Christopher Titmuss

What is the Ultimate Truth?

With Christopher Titmuss Recorded : June 5, 2022

The world of mind-body, mindfulness, meditation and well-being maximises priority on conventional or relative truth. This requires wise attention and change relative to our experience. We are familiar with taking up views, remaining neutral...

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Justine Dawson Profile Photo

The Appropriate Response

With Justine Dawson Recorded : May 8, 2022

When a monk asked the 10th Century Zen master Yunmen, “What are the teachings of a whole lifetime?” Yunmen replied, “An appropriate response.”  What is this appropriate response and how do we know we’ve got...

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The Fruits of the Spiritual Life

With Leigh Brasington Recorded : April 17, 2022

2 Kings. Palace Intrigue. A Murder. 500 Elephants. A nighttime visit to see the Buddha. And that’s just the backstory to one of the Buddha’s deepest teachings: his curriculum for spiritual advancement. Join us...

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Ralph Steele

What Am I Doing In Here

With Ralph Steele Recorded : April 3, 2022

The practice of Mindfulness from breath to breath is essential.  If you have knowledge of the Four Noble Truths then you have the foundation; only practice is needed to gain insight into the Dharma. ...

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Daigan Gaither

Precepts as Orientation

With Daigan Gaither Recorded : March 27, 2022

The 5 precepts often given to lay practitioners are (with positive instructions in parenthesis): I vow not to kill (Love and support all beings)I vow not to steal (generosity)I vow not to misuse sexuality...

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